Metal Laser engraving, also known as
Metal Marking, involves precision laser
removal of metal to create physical
grooves within metal. Unlike ceramark,
or other products which bake on or
colorize the surface, this technique is
100% permanent and will not wear off.
Metal types include, but are not
limited to - brass, copper, stainless
steel, tool steel, carbon steel,
titanium, aluminum, bronze, gold,
silver, etc. Stone and glass are
other possible material options.

The image below shows engraving into solid
brass caps for a local pen manufacturer.
Fantastic pens!

True 3D engraving from an STL file
is also possible! The samples below
were cut into solid brass and stainless
steel. Tool steel would be a great use
for 3D engraving stamping dies. I can
remove less than one micron of material at
a time which allows for incredible Z-depth
resolution. The samples shown below are about
1.5mm in depth. Overall diameter is 50mm. .

The laser I use for metal engraving
is a specialized hybrid fiber laser
with a beam size of less than 1/1000th
of an inch. The cut quality of this hybrid
laser will stand out compared to any other
competing laser type. You have to see the
engraving in person to truly appreicate the
high level of detail. I can engrave your
name or logo directly onto your products.
If direct engraving is not possible,
custom metal plates can be created which
you can attach to your products.

Maximum engraving area is 4"x4"
but overall product size can be larger.