A good use for CNC routing is to cut
out complex 2D shapes, or large
quantities of simple shapes, which
would be very time consuming to do by
hand. While a jig-saw can certainly do
the job, cutting curves can be very
time consuming. It is also difficult to
hold high degrees of accuracy. Even
simple shapes are often best done on
a CNC router. Who wants to cut out six
hundred 12 inch circles by hand!?
I have the capability of cutting
full 5'x12' sheet sizes. Although
most plywood products are only available
in 4'x8' or 5'x5' sheets, some plastics
such as acrylic or Sintra (foam PVC)
are available in larger sizes.

Other materials which are good candidates
for CNC routing are HDPE, HDU, Sign
Foam, PVC, Delrin, Lexan, and UHMW.
There are also many other wood and
plastic composites which machine well.

Below are some examples of
2D shapes (red objects) positioned
within 4'x8' sheets (green rectangles).
These are examples of common
2D CNC routing projects.